Broch Field Purchase and Community Consultation

Broch Field Community Purchase


In 2018 Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS; Forestry Commission Scotland as was) put the Broch Field in Strathyre on the market. The space has been used for many years by the community as an informal 'village green'. It is also the site for Strathyre Music Festival, the Community Fireworks Night and the Christmas Market, as well as a popular spot for families to congregate and children to play. As such several local residents and groups approached the BLS Community Trust to investigate purchasing the site. We have purchase the site, and our route to this is detailed below.

Stage 1.

In 2019 the BLS Community Trust applied for and were granted funding from the Scottish Land Fund (SLF) to undertake a Feasibility Study and valuation of the site. This was completed in April 2020. You can find the Feasibility Study, Valuation Report and other documents below.

In July 2020 the community was consulted on whether to continue with the application to FLS for a Community Asset Transfer of the site. Of the respondents 75% voted 'yes', and thus the BLS community Trust has been working towards the application.

Stage 2.

Following Stage 1 we submitted our final application to the FLS Community Asset Transfer (CAT) Team, who decide whether our plans are suitable and sustainable, and if so, will approve our application. This CAT was approved in June 2021.

Based on the Feasibility Study and advice from the Community Asset Transfer Advisory Group, we have drawn up a Project Proposal for the site. You can find it by clicking on this link here. This Project Proposal has been agreed by the BLS Community Trust Board and Broch Field Working Group, and outlines how we plan to develop and manage the site. A concept plan for the site can be found by clicking this link here.

Once our application for the CAT was approved our next step was to fund the purchase and development of the site. We applied to the Scottish Land Fund (SLF), which supports community groups to purchase assets, and were granted the funds to purchase the site, pay solicitor fees, support some Development Management wages, and undertake needed drainage works.

Community Asset Transfer Granted!

We had our Community Asset Transfer request granted by Forestry and Land Scotland in June 2021, which meant we could move onto the next stage of the process. We submitted our Stage 2 application to the Scottish Land Fund for the purchase of the site, and another application to the National Park's Green Recovery Fund for Phase 1 (see below) works. We are also in discussion with the National Park Authority about a joint Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund bid in 2022/23 to help us complete Phase 2 (see below).

Funding Secured - for the Purchase and Phase 1!

Scottish Land Fund: It has been confirmed by the Scottish Land Fund that we have secured the funding to purchase the Broch Field for the community. After three years hardwork it has finally all paid off. Now we need to jump through a couple of legal hoops, sign some paperwork and we are pretty much home and dry!

National Park Green Recovery Grant: We secured funding through the National Park to complete most of Phase 1, including concept plans for the community structure, toilets and Broch renovations; installing donation posts in the car park to raise maintenance funds; purchasing equipment to maintain the Field; and employing a warden for the 2022 season, to look after the site.

LEADER Community Led Visitor Management Fund: Funding from LEADER to take our concept plans for the structures and facilities to final, technical designs and submission for planning.

Phase 1 - 2021-2022

To best manage this large project it was agreed to divide it into two Phases. Please find a summary of these below.

There are three main aims of Phase 1 of the Broch Field project:

  • Secure the purchase of the Broch Field for the benefit of the whole community.

  • To undertake initial developments of the Broch Field to improve the condition of the site, and ensure the medium-term financial viability of the site. This will include improving drainage, installing car park donation posts, and looking to lease small areas to suitable outdoor activity providers.

  • To successfully manage and maintain the Broch Field through local employment and the assistance of the local community. This will be delivered by employing a Warden or Land Officer, and establishing a local works teams.

  • To work with a local architect firm to develop concept plans for a community building, toilet facilities, and renovation of the Broch Structure.

You can find the Phase 1 Project Proposal here.

Phase 2: 2022 onwards

Phase 2 is very much at the concept stage and there are no firm proposals yet. These will be defined over the Phase 1 element.

At the moment there are two broad aims for Phase 2:

  • To work with the National Park Authority to improve facilities and infrastructure, including erecting a community building and toilets; provide improved parking, information, and signage; and renovate the existing Broch Structure into an interactive feature.

  • To create a community orchard for the benefit benefit of our community and our beautiful environment.

Community Consultation

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who took the time to share your thoughts on the proposed Community Asset Transfer of The Broch Field. It is really important that everyone in the wider community has the opportunity to contribute to the future of this important community space and we are very appreciative for everyone who took the time to read the consultation information and cast your vote.

Of all votes cast through the online survey or by paper vote in the Strathyre Village Shop, 75% were in favour of going ahead with the Community Asset Transfer process. This gives a positive indication that there is significant support for this next step – although it is important to note that there were a number of concerns raised around the proposed usage of the field and potential developments. Whilst there is a clear desire to protect the field for future Community use, there was also an overarching feeling that this should not be at the expense of the environment or negatively impact on the everyday lives of local residents.

The next step will therefore be to set up a Management Committee for the Broch Field, with this committee then reflecting on all points raised before exploring further the options for future use, alongside detailed development plans and budget proposals. All individuals who noted an interest in the survey in being part of this group going forward will be contacted directly – thank you in advance for volunteering. If anyone else is interested in being part of this committee, please contact the BLS Community Trust via email at

Thank you again for taking part in the consultation and we look forward to working alongside the Management Committee in the coming months as we all work towards securing a positive future for the Broch Field.

BLS Community Trust Board

This document contains the headlines about the project and provides you with an overview of the key information from the feasibility study and future proposals.

The full consultants report detailing the findings and recommendations from the feasibility study. This includes input from the initial community consultation exercise.

The full ecological report completed by the consultant in relation to the Broch Field and surrounding area.